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52. That all Affiliated Clubs with the exception of specialist Clubs must have a minimum of four (4) Meetings annually on a quarterly

       basis - this will enable the Membership to be acquainted with information from Federation and Union.


53. The Union shall have power to purchase and sell to its Members any rings, badges, etc, commonly used in connection with the

      sport of Homing Pigeon Racing or Showing.


54. The Union shall not take cognizance of any Race or Show or any matter arising out of or in relation to the same unless such Race

      or Show has been advertised as being and is held under the Rules of a recognised Homing Union.


55. (a) The Secretary of each Affiliated Society shall be required to keep a careful record of all rings sold, together with the names and

      addresses of Members to who sold, on the list provided by the Union. The list of all rings sold prior to 28th March to be returned to

      the Secretary by letter, post marked not later than 1st April, and in respect of all rings sold subsequent thereto, by a supplement

      list post marked no later than the first day of each subsequent month thereto. Should any Society not comply with this Rule, the

      Union shall fine such Society £10.00.

      (b) The Welsh Homing Pigeon Union will compile a yearly ring list and a copy sent to the Secretary of each Affiliated Club /

      National / Federation / Combine of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union with the telephone number of each Club Secretary, if any,



56. On change of ownership of any bird ringed with a ring issued by or with the licence of the Union or registered in the books of the

      Union, the former owner or owners shall forthwith sign and hand over to the new owner a transfer (on the official form which may

      be obtained from the Secretary) of the said ring and such transfer shall be sent to the Secretary for registration in the books of the

      Union, and the supply of two (2) second class stamps be forwarded to the Secretary by the new owner, within fourteen (14) days

      after such change of ownership and notification of such transfer shall be sent to both the new owner and the former registered

      owner of the ring. All transfers will be completed on the receipt of two (2) stamps and subsequent transfers up to the total of five

      (5) the number shown on a standard Transfer Card. No competitor in any race or show shall be entitled to win a prize unless the

      ring carried by the winning bird was issued to the owner or was transferred and registered in accordance with the provisions of

      this Rule. Proof of ownership of winning birds must be given before prize money is paid over. The transfer fee for racing pigeons

      will be fixed annually by the Finance Committee plus two (2) stamps for return.


57. The Union shall seek the recognition of the authorities in Wales and undertake to confirm with the regulations and conditions

      regarding the keeping of Homing Pigeons as laid down by same said Authorities from time to time. It shall further endeavour to

      get legislation passed protecting the interests of its Members. Particularly with regard to the care of  pigeons while in transit,

      shooting, trapping of birds after liberation, etc., and to secure permission for Members to keep their pigeons on their premises.


58. The Union shall have power, so far as the law allows, to provide or assist in providing legal advice and assistance to its Members

       in respect of all questions arising out of or connected with the sport of Homing Pigeon Racing or Shows, the Breeding, Training,

       Custody, Sale, Purchase or Conveyance of Racing Pigeons or which in the judgement of the Executive Body directly or indirectly 

       affects the interest of the Union, and may offer and pay rewards for information on such matters.


59. Any application by a Member or Society for legal advice or assistance shall be made in writing to the Union Secretary and shall be

      accompanied by a brief statement of the facts of the case and any evidence which can be produced in relation thereto. Thereupon

      the Executive Body may take such steps as they deem expedient in the matter. In urgent cases the Secretary may take up the

      matter at once, but only in cases where expenses will not exceed fifty (50) pounds.


60. The Executive Body shall have the power to initiate criminal proceeding or otherwise to take such steps as they deem expedient to

      procure or assist in procuring the punishment of offences which in the opinion of the Executive Body affect the interests of the 

      Union, and may offer and pay rewards for any information touching such matters.


61. The Officers of all Affiliated Societies must be Members of the Union and flying Members of/Clubs /Nationals/ Federations/     

      Combine, with the exception of the Secretary who must be a Member of the Welsh Homing Union.


62. The minimum reward of the return of a lost bird shall be a licensed courier's Standard Charge.


63. Change of details must be registered with the Union at a charge of £5.00. A partner may be added to or removed from the

      partnership, or address changed. In the case of dissolution or termination of a partnership, all rings registered in the names of the

      partnership must revert to the remaining partner or partners. Should the dissolution or termination of a partnership involve a

      division and the registration of ring numbers in the name of each partner then all rings must be transferred in the usual way. A

      form for this purpose can be obtained from the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union Office.


64. In the event of any matter or question arising which is not provided for in the foregoing Rules same shall be dealt with by the

      Executive Body and their decision in the matter shall be final and binding.


65. Rules may be altered, amended or added to by a Notice of Motion to the Annual General Meeting of the Union. Any such Notice of

      Motion must be in the hands of the Secretary at least forty two (42) days before the Annual General Meeting.


66. All rings other than WHPU rings, whilst competing in races or shows under WHPU Rules must be registered with the WHPU before

      participation at the current WHPU ring charge. Proof of registration must be submitted if required.


67. All Member lofts will be given a loft number that will be allocated in due course.


68. The Welsh Homing Pigeon Union will take steps to bring about the amendment of the Countryside Act for the protection of birds

      and seek the support of Confederation for this purpose.


69. To prevent any 'conflict of interest', no Executive Member of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, Federation or Combine can hold

      Office in any other pigeon Union.


70. In the event that any conflict arises between these Rules and any statement or argument of “custom and practice”, the provisions

      of these Rules shall prevail.


71.  Rings to be transferred / registered Seven (7) days before racing or showing of birds.

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