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18. The Union shall be managed by an Executive Body, which shall be composed of President and Treasurer, along with three (3)   

      Executive Members and a full time Secretary.  

      No more than two (2) from any Federation.  The Executive Body to deal with all business, and to instruct the Secretary in all 

      matters requiring decisions.


19. Officers and Councillors are not to be delegates from their Federation acting in an individual capacity and will only be

      answerable to the General Council of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union.

20. An extraordinary delegate Meeting of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, with the exception of an appeals decision by the

      Executive Body which will be final and binding on all parties shall be called by ten (10) Affiliated Societies or seventy (70)

      Members of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, notification for such a Meeting to be in the form of:

      (a) For Affiliated Societies: A letter signed by the Secretary and Chairman of each Society stating their desire for such a

      Meeting and setting out in full the proposed agenda for such Meeting. The said letter shall state the time and date of the

      Meeting of the Affiliated Society at which the said Officers were mandated to send/sign such a letter and confirm that the

      Meeting of the said Affiliated Society was called in accordance with the procedure set out herein.

      (b) For Members: A letter calling such a Meeting signed by at least seventy (70) Members of the Welsh Homing Pigeon

      Union and in which shall be set out the full agenda for the proposed extraordinary Delegate Meeting. The notification for

      such a Meeting to be sent to the Secretary of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, who shall convene the Meeting within three

      (3) weeks of the notification and the extraordinary Delegate Meeting shall deal with no other business than that set out in

      the agenda for the Meeting.  

21. The Annual General Meeting of the Union shall be held on the first available Saturday in March, in each year. Meetings of   

      the Executive Body shall be held as and when required. All Clubs must hold their AGM's before their Federation AGM. All

      Federations must hold their AGM before the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union.

22. At all General Meetings of the Union including the Annual General Meeting, only mandated Club delegates to vote. Voting at

      Meetings of the Union and of the Executive Body shall be by show of hands. The President at such Meetings shall have only a

      casting vote.


23. The Executive Body of the Union shall consist of a President and Treasurer along with three (3) Executive Members elected by the  

      General Body.  No more than two (2) from any one (1) Federation.  The President to Chair all Meetings of the Executive Body, in his

      absence, the Chair shall be elected by the remaining Executive Members.  Election to the Executive Body will be as follows:


      Each Club will nominate candidates to the Executive Body with a full CV (curriculum vitae) of experience of administration

      sixty (60) days before the Annual General Meeting.  The sitting Executive Body will check that the candidates have the experience   

      required.  The list of candidates will be sent out to Clubs for voting, one (1) loft one (1) vote, forty two (42) days before the Annual   

      General Meeting.  Voting to be returned to the Union Office fourteen (14) days on the appropriate form signed by Chairman and 

      Secretary before the Annual General Meeting.  Candidates will be notified by the Union Office if elected or not.  Candidates elected 

      must attend the Annual General Meeting for confirmation of their post. Sitting Executive Body Members can be re-elected.


      24. The Secretary, whose appointment is that of full-time Officer, shall attend all Meetings and keep a record of all written

      resolutions and proceedings at such Meetings. Minutes to be circulated to each Club, after being confirmed by the Executive Body.

25. Each Affiliated Society shall upon receipt of a notice convening a General Meeting of the Union appoint one of its Members

      to attend the Meeting of the Union as delegate.

26. Rule deleted at Annual General Meeting

27. No business shall be transacted at an Executive Body Meeting unless at least four (4) Members of the Executive Body are present.

      In the event of only four (4) present, the Chair of the Meeting to have a casting vote.

28. The Executive Body shall cause minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of the Executive Body to be entered in the Minute

      Book, to be from time to time provided for the purpose, and in particular shall cause to be entered in such Minutes.

       (a) The names of Executive Body present at each Meeting.

       (b) All matters of business transacted.

       (c) The short particulars or any references to the Executive Body and its findings in the matter.

       (d) The Proposer and Seconders of all resolutions.

29. No Officer, or Official of any Society or Federation shall be deemed an Agent of the Union. The Union Shall not be bound or

      be liable in respect of any action of such Officer or Official.

30. Any Member of the Executive Body of the Union shall, in all matters wherein they are authorised to act by these Rules, be deemed 

      to be Agents of the Union provided only and in so far as the said Executive shall have made full disclosure of all material facts to

      the Executive Body and shall seek ratification for their actions at the first Executive Body Meeting following such matters being 

      just made known to them, but shall not have power to pledge the credit of the Union unless specially authorised by the Executive  

      Body or General Meeting.

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