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31. A banking account shall be kept at such Bank or Building Society as the Executive Body shall appoint in the name of the Union and

      all monies shall forth-with on receipt be paid into such Bank or Building Society account. Cheques on the said accounts

      shall be signed by such Members of the Executive Body as the Executives may from time to time prescribe and shall be counter 

      signed by the Secretary, Treasurer or some other person appointed by the Executive Body for this purpose.


32. The Executive Body shall cause true accounts to be kept of the assets of the Union of the sums of money received and expended by

      the Union and the purpose in respect of which such money was received and expended and the assets, credits and liabilities

      of the Union.


33. The Books of Accounts shall by kept by the Secretary of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union.


34. The Secretary shall balance the Books and Accounts of the Union at the 31st December in each year and shall prepare a

      Statement (after referred to as the Annual Account) showing receipts and expenditure for the past year and Assets and

      liabilities of the Union at that Date and shall submit the same to the Auditors for their examination and docquet within thirty (30)

      days for the purpose aforesaid. The Auditors shall have access to the Books of the Union and may require from the Executive Body

      or servants of the Union such information or explanation as may be necessary for the performance of their duties.


35. The Auditors shall sign a certificate at the foot of the Annual Accounts stating whether in their opinion the same exhibits a

      true and correct view of the state of affairs of the Union, and copies of the Certificate and Annual Accounts shall be issued

      to Members at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.


36. The Finance Committee will consist of : President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.


37. The date of issue for WHU rings to be agreed by the Executive Body.  "W" will be sufficient indicator of Wales of WELSH HOMING   

      UNION Rings, on Club/Federation/National Race Sheets.


38. Rule deleted at Annual General Meeting

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