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4. All Pigeon Fanciers with lofts in Great Britain shall be eligible for Membership.


  5. The Members of the Union shall be divided into four (4) classes.

      (a) Affiliated Members who are Members of Societies Affiliated to the Union.

      (b) Federations consisting of Homing Societies Affiliated to the Union shall be deemed as bodies Affiliated to the Union.

      (c) Combines consisting of Federations Affiliated to the Union.

      (d) Individual Members are persons elected individually to the Union who must be proposed and seconded by Members of

            Affiliated Societies on an Official Membership Form. With the exception of studs.

      (e) All individuals or Affiliated Members are deemed prior to making application for Membership to have given consideration to the

           Rules of the "WELSH HOMING PIGEON UNION", and upon making application for Membership are deemed to have accepted the

           Rules and the authority of the Executive Body of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, as the governing body in accordance with the

           provisions contained therein.  All Member Clubs, Federations and Combines applying for Membership of the Welsh Homing

           Pigeon Union are deemed through their Officers of such Societies to have both individually and collectively acknowledged and

           accepted the Rules of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, and in particular to have subjected themselves to the disciplinary

           provisions set out in rules 39-51. All Members to purchase current Rule Book through their parent club.

  6. Any Homing Society established in Wales may apply to the Union for admission as an Affiliated Society, however, exceptionally,

      Clubs outside Wales, but Members of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union, Affiliated Federations, shall also be allowed to apply for

      admission as an Affiliated Society. A list of the names and addresses of the Members of such Society shall accompany the

      application for Affiliation.

  7. The Executive Body of the Union reserves the right in their uncontrolled discretion to refuse any application for Membership without  

      being obliged to state any reason for their refusal.

  8. Application for Membership and Affiliation shall be made to the Secretary who shall have power to declare the applicants

      provisionally elected or admitted subject to confirmation by the Executive Body at their next Meeting.

  9. Objections to the Affiliation of any Society or election of any person as a Member shall be made in writing to the Secretary who

      shall immediately give notice thereof to the applicant. The objection shall be considered by the Executive Body when the application for

      Membership is being decided.

10. Any applicant for Membership who has been suspended or expelled or in default with any recognised Pigeon Union shall not be

      eligible for Membership of the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union until such time as the disciplinary process has

      been removed/expunged. (The course is subject to the Union or Society supplying details of the offence and remedy, in the event of

      an appeal against the refusal of Membership.

11. No Member shall be entitled to any of the privileges or benefits of the Union until a form of Membership has been completed,

      returned to the Secretary and his subscription for the current year has been paid.

12. It shall be the duty of all Club Secretaries upon receipt of an application for Membership to ensure that the applicant completes a

      form of Membership in duplicate and that both forms are signed by the applicant and in the case of a partnership by all Members

      of the partnership. One copy of the Membership form shall be retained by the Club Secretary and the second copy shall be

      forwarded to the Secretary of the Union by the Club Secretary within 28 days of completion of same. Upon the signing of the form

      of Membership these Rules, together with any amendments, shall constitute a binding contract between the Member and the Union.


13. Any Society may cease to be Affiliated, or any Member may retire from Membership at any time by giving notice in writing to the     

      Secretary of such desire and paying the subscription due and domestic fees paid for the current year, and any Club equipment must be

      returned. (refer to Rule 12, Page 20, for distribution of assets).

14. Non-flying Members may pay a Club subscription if imposed by the Club, but will not be allowed to vote or make any propositions. Non-

      flying Members must pay Union Fees.  Members falling into arrears which are not paid by the AGM of the Union will be classed as

      defaulters and on payment of the arrears must re-apply for Membership of the Union.

      Any non-flying Member wishing to acquire full flying Membership status must be proposed and seconded and elected in accordance with

      the provisions of the Union Rules.

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