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Thank you to Mr Ian Evans for the following updates.

Channel Racing Update

The meeting scheduled for today with representatives from DEFRA has been postponed until Thursday 7th April. I received notice late yesterday afternoon and despite my respectful request that this meeting is not delayed I have been informed that due to the availability of DEFRA officials that this meeting can not go ahead.. Although disappointing we have to consider the competing priorities DEFRA have with the ongoing Avian Influenza issues in the UK. However, I know first hand that DEFRA have given this issue due consideration and have been working hard with the RPRA and EU, on behalf of the confederation to achive a solution.   

Despite this disappointment it is important to note that due to the amendments made by the EU to the requirements of entry for Racing pigeons, we now have a solution to the issues that prevented racing from the continent in 2021. 

As a summary the requirements of entry into the EU from UK are as follows:

1. The pigeons have to be vaccinated against Paramyxo. The vaccine used has to be one approved for use in the UK by the VMD. 

2. The lofts/premises of origin have to be registered with the competent authority of the third country. In the UK this is DEFRA

3. Each convoy will require an export health certificate signed by an official veterinarian (OV). 

At next weeks meeting we hope to be able to confirm the registration process with DEFRA.

We are working with an OV to produce guidance that will assist organisations in achieving channel racing for their members. However, this guidance can not be completed until we have had the meeting with DEFRA. 

Clearly, we now have a solution to meeting the requirements of entry that will facilitate channel racing in 2022. We ask that everyone remains patient and we will publish an update as soon as possible following the meeting with DEFRA.

Ian Evans
Royal Pigeon Racing Association



We wish to express the importance of complying with the Avian Influenza code of practice. There is a legal requirement to inform the APHA of the venue and dates of all marking. Please see below.

In view of the current situation with Avian Influenza (bird flu), below is an uploaded updated version (1/4/22) of the

Avian Influenza-Code of Practice.

 It is important this document be read in its entirety and strictly followed and implemented. 


In relation to Pigeon Shows please notify Animal Health Wales

on 0300 303 8268


If you have any stray pigeons please refer to our stray and ring list pages, if you are unable to find the information you need please send us an email gail@whpu.co.uk or leave a message on 01443 441010

Office hours are:

Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm

All post to be sent to 


Old Timothy's Yard

Llanfoist Street

Ton Pentre


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About Us

The Welsh Homing Pigeon Union is the Governing body for Pigeon Racing in Wales and was founded on the 25th of November 1933. The purpose of the WHPU is to administer Pigeon Racing throughout Wales.


The Welsh Homing Pigeon Union is an Organisation run by elected Officers and Councillors.  All Councillors are nominated by the Individual Federations which are Affiliated to the WHPU, with the Officials being elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.


All Clubs have the opportunity to submit Notices of Motion to the AGM, these Notices of Motion are voted on by Club delegates present.


The objects of the Union are to control the pigeon fancy in Wales for the benefit of both economic and administrative of all its Members.  To encourage the Sport of Long Distance Flying.  To arbitrate and adjudicate in all cases and disputes brought to its notice and to maintain through its administration the discipline and interest of its Members.  To establish a uniform system of measurement for all flying routes, along with a uniform system of timing.


Annually, for the best performances within the principality, the WHU award its five prestigious Trophies: -            

The Queens Cup, T G Buffett Memorial Trophy (runner up to Queens), Prince of Wales (opposite route to Queens winner), qualification of these Trophies must be 300 miles or over.  Taffy Bowen Sprint Cup, (up to 300 miles), and J O Davies Young bird. The awards of these Trophies are adjudicated by outside bodies. Applications can be found on the document page. (please note there will be a closing date at the end of the racing season for applications)



WHU Ring Lists 2014 - 21 are available on our Ring List Page, Please check first to find the owners direct telephone number.


If a racing pigeon is lost or flown out it may land near a house or garden area to rest. Pigeons eat grain (wild bird seed, corn, dried peas, lentils or even dried rice), if you give it grain and access to water with a little sugar, in most cases the pigeon will eat, rest, then fly off.  If it does not leave within a few days and you are able, we suggest you catch and contain the pigeon. Once the bird is contained you may find the phone number of the owner stamped on the wing or on a ring on the birds leg. If no phone numbers are found you can contact the appropriate Organisation according to the ring prefix on the birds leg. In doing this the owner may be notified and arrangements may possibly be made for collection.  


For further advice please telephone 01443 441010 Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.00pm or email gail@whpu.co.uk


All rings with the prefix WHU will read, e.g. WHU 2016 A 12345, please ensure you have the full ring number in order for us to locate the owner.